Just play with your kids!


I never wanted to improve my children. When my first child was a toddler I realised she didn’t like complicated toys from shops. She always choosed simple things like bottles, wooden spoon or a natural wooden stick and used her imagination to play with them as animals, puppets or any kind of creatures.

Simple things are better than anything, because you need some magic to transform them. After the magic of your imagination you start roleplay in any scene. Isn’t it fantastic? I think creativity starting here.


Of course we have ordinary toys too, for example one million soft toys :) and we love to play with them. It’s not a problem. The problem is, that some parents don’t have fun with their children, just buying several brand new and super special toys. Thats a really big problem. So I suggest to play with your kids, have fun and do create things every day! Speak in singing voice, paint with yoghurt, do silly things together and tell your own special stories. Be your kids’ best friend!  Believe in him/her and in yourself!

Now I start a series about creative playing with many ideas, i hope you will like it!