Website?….what is it for? …what kind?


Every business needs a website. It’s a fact. But some of my client are hesitating, because they don’t know WHY do they need it. 

When I meet a new client we talk about his/her business for a long time. For a really long time. I transform into an interviewer, because the most important thing is to find the goal. Your goal is not the website!

If you order a website, beware of the following technicalities:

  • Flash is not accepted by browsers. Don’t let your designer to use Flash to built a site! Never!
  • Insist on havind responsive site! You know smart phones, tablets and more….
  • Ask your passwords and every access detils for your site! It’s your property!
  • You need a dinamic site and an administrative interface if you would like to change actual informations by yourself!

What kind of  content do you need?

It depends on your business profile. Essential information required like name, contacts, services, references.

The are some statutory regulation in every country if you build a database, or operate a webshop. Look after the current rules!

I think fcaebook become commonplace, so everybody registrate a facebook page for the business…..but sometimes they are not active users. And social media does not equal with facebook…. However social media is very helpful and effective marketing power. You can find your targer grop or nieche easily…so why don’t you do that? It’s cost effective, fast, personal and the results are rousing. You can use Google+, a Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIN, Instagram, youtube, Scribd… etc. Now you think you don’t have enough time…it’s fair enough, but think about these like neccesery work.

If you started using these pages, sites, channels… pay attention for your content. Nobody needs bullshit but everybody needs useful, helpful and entertaining content! So think about your goal again!